Top 5 Best Locations for a Vending Machine

If you are thinking of getting a vending machine installed on your property, but you’re not exactly sure if your property is a good place, then this list of the top 5 best locations for a vending machine should help you determine if a vendor would be interested in installing their equipment on your property …

1. Manufacturing Facilities

If you have a manufacturing facility where there are hundreds of people going in and out every day, then you may qualify for a vending machine. Many times, workers like to go out and grab a quick snack or cold beverage during their workday. Due to this steady flow, manufacturing facilities are a great place to have a vending machine installed.

2. Apartment Communities

Many apartments have an in-ground pool or a clubhouse. These areas are a great place to have a vending machine installed and all members of the community will be able to access them. Take note that vending machine sales will need to be adequate enough for the vendor to continue service at apartment communities.

3. Hotels

Hotels are one of the most profitable areas to have a vending machine installed, so operators are always happy to install them. Since guests usually don’t have access to any other beverages or food at the hotel, this makes them a great place to install a vending machine. Yes, there may be pantries and restaurants in the area, but guests are more likely to visit the vending machine for a quick snack or drink.

4. Auto Shops

It is common to find a vending machine at an auto shop. This is because when the customer is waiting on their vehicle to be repaired or tyres to be installed, they like to grab a quick drink or snack from a vending machine. A vending machine combined with free WiFi and television makes waiting for the mechanic to get done more tolerable.

5. Retail Stores

It is also common to find a vending machine installed at a retail store. After shoppers are done shopping, they like to grab a quick drink, and workers like to grab a quick snack and drink during their breaks.

If you have property that has a large amount of foot traffic, then chances are, a company will want to install a vending machine on your property. One of the most important factors is the location of the machine on the property – it is important that it is placed in direct view so that everyone knows it is there when they visit you. When you have a vending machine, it will need to bring in enough revenue to make the vending company want to continue service with you.

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